Welcome to Chateau de Jalesnes

The Chateau

The grandness of the building as it comes into full view upon your arrival to the front gate is all encompassing.  The sheer size of it is impressive and the excitement builds as you drive down the avenue looking towards the front façade – this is your home for the next few days or week.  Welcome to Chateau de Jalesnes.

The Suites

Each of the twelve suites – ranging from studios, one or two bedrooms – are self-contained for self-catering with a kitchen, living space, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Every suite layout is unique and all have different outlooks to the gardens and/or forest.  Every suite is named after someone from the chateau’s history.

The Services

There are numerous things to occupy you around the chateau grounds as well as inside the building.  The forest, the swimming pool, the picnic area, the patanque court, the orchard, the gardens, the moat and caves to name a few.  Inside you’ll find the salons, the library, the chapel and the banquet hall.  There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Investment Opportunities

Haven’t you always wanted to be an owner of a chateau?  Join our chateau family by buying into a suite in our beautiful building.  Eight weeks a year to share your holiday time at the chateau, or invite family and/or friends to spend time with you in your suite.  You’ll also get a return on your share holding.  Want more information – contact us – info@chateaudejalesnes.fr

The Functions

The ground floor and external gardens can cater for all needs for any event – weddings, reunions, celebrations, business meetings, theatre, music ….whatever the occasion we can provide an excellent venue.  Whole chateau rentals can be arranged too.   Contact us for your special event and we’ll arrange catering to suit.

The Area

The chateau is less than a kilometre from the village of Vernantes, where you can take a chateau bike and cycle down to pick up your croissants for breakfast or a baguette for lunch, or stroll into the village and have a coffee at the Tabac and watch country life pass by.  Alternatively take the car and drive to Saumur to sample fine wines or visit the many chateaux along the Loire River.

The Rates & Bookings

Prices vary with seasons and times of the week.  Minimum day bookings apply for weekend (Friday to Monday-3 days), weekdays (Monday to Friday-4 days) and full week (Friday to Friday-7 days) with three seasons – peak, high and low.  Complete the booking form choosing your time and dates and we will do the rest for you. We look forward to welcoming you to our chateau lifestyle.

STOP PRESS – 50% discount on all suites from August 1 – December 20 for Soft Opening.

The History

Generations come and go but the building lives forever it seems.  Over 400 years of life has existed in the rooms of this magnificent chateau and she will continue to reign for many years to come.  Chateau de Jalesnes has been a home to royalty and wealthy businessmen, as well as being a school for young ladies of the European elite and for special needs children in later years.  It was even a hospital during the WW2 for German Officers.

The Renovations

Improvements for any beautiful old building or property are essential if you want to make the most of what you have to offer visitors who may wish to enjoy the ambience of a bygone era.  Comparisons of what we started with in late 2013 to the finished product, which will be July 2015, are of interest to all who come to the chateau.  What has gone on between are months of blood, sweat and tears, and the photos show the stages of progression.