The chickens – We have 12 laying chickens that live in the moat within a moveable enclosure, eating the grass. They lay fresh organic eggs daily and we are happy for guests to locate the eggs, although they can’t keep them as they are used for the morning communial breakfasts!  Please feel free to keep your vegetable food scraps to feed the chickens if you wish.

The plants – A herb garden is near the foot bridge across from the back of the chateau and guests can help themselves to what is in season, for their personal cooking pleasure.  The orchard is to the back of the formal gardens, and when in season, pickings can be made by our guests of the fruit on the trees, or some of the vegetables in the veggie patch.

The Neighbour’s pets – Our neighbours have a deer and peacocks in their enclosure. They also have a donkey and a horse… Sometimes our staff will be happy to walk with you to meet the animals, but as it is private property, this is restricted to us being available to take you over to meet them.